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STSQ12C 12 Ton KAMA truck crane

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Truck Crane

12 Ton KAMA truck crane

1. Leading performance
2. More reliable quality 
3. Easier to operate 
4. Easier to maintain 
Jining Sitong Construction Machinery 12 ton truck crane features:

1. Full hydraulic pressure drive, electrical dual-purpose, safe and reliable work, high efficiency, low labor intensity;
2. Every hydraulic system equipped with balancing valve and hydraulic lock, safe and reliable performance
3. Crane jib and important components are made of low alloy steel plate to reduce weight of crane, crane performance;
4. Rotary bearing all adopt 50 MN forging materials
5.10 tons and above the crane main fittings adopt top quality original accessories, such as: The main valve main pump, winding system and rotation system, slewing bearing
6. Boom of cold forming, rectangular, five prismatic structure, give full play to the mechanical properties of the material.
7. Adopts hydraulic cylinder telescopic crane boom, work more safety and reliable
8. Equipped with night light, expanded the work time.
Telescopic crane boom using marker and alarm limit of double insurance.
9. Optional bridge before and after, negative arm and three-phase electric operation;
10. Crane display options torque, height limiter.
11. Cranes are equipped with the radiator, more conducive to the summer job;
12. Environmental, energy-saving and powerful engine offers strong drive for the crane carrier and improves travel performance for the whole machine.
13. Hydraulic oil line rubber hose all adopt double wire super high pressure oil pipe, steel pipe are all made

Jining Sitong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd-12 ton Kama truck crane 

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